Little Tennessee Valley Educational Cooperative (LTVEC) is a public nonprofit agency formed by local school systems in East Tennessee. The agency is governed by a board of directors including member school system directors, school board members, and county commissioners. LTVEC promotes collaboration among member school systems to develop and provide needed educational services in the region as well as the state. The cooperative provides a variety of services to member and non-member school systems in East Tennessee and throughout the state. 

LTVEC's Mission is:

To provide high quality, evidenced-based educational services to the school systems and the local communities in Tennessee without interrupting their local autonomy.

To promote excellence in education with emphasis on the achievement of each child's/youth's potential while empowering families in the interest of their child's education and promoting community involvement in the education of its children and youth.

To support the educators with opportunities for continuing education/training and mentoring.


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