LEAPs Grant: Extended Learning Programs

LTVEC wrote and received a grant through the Tennessee Lottery for Education Program. This LEAPs Grant, primarily funds two extended learning programs: Leaps and Bounds at Lenoir City Elementary and BLAST at Sweetwater Elementary. Leaps and Bounds offers a club approach in their program. The following clubs are available: cooking, gardening, theater, journalism, chess, sports, fitness, culture, and crafting clubs. BLAST offers a theme approach. The theme changes weekly with tons of community support and participation. Both programs are community based, offer daily tutoring and homework help (based upon Core Curriculum Standards), offer daily physical fitness activities, offer a healthy snack, and focus on the overall well-being of the children they serve. Both programs provide daily enrichment, STEM, technology and community service activities. LTVEC has staffed both programs with superior quality employees, many of which work as teachers and staff at the schools. Students in grades 2 and 3 currently participate in Leaps and Bounds. Students in grades 3-6 participate in BLAST. Both clubs offer daily morning tutoring as well as after school care Monday through Thursday until 5:30 pm. The programs also offer bus transportation. The programs are free and all students within the participating schools and age groups are given an opportunity to enroll until the programs are full. The programs follow DOE licensing requirements.

2015 - 2016 Calendar:

Leaps and Bounds and BLAST will begin after-school fun on Tuesday, September 1. Enrollment will begin the week after school begins. Each site can only host 40 children per day; therefore, if your child is interested, you must complete your application on time in order to get a spot. Children are selected through the following process: Children with the greatest need for tutoring in the areas of math and reading will be served first. Children must have all of their paperwork turned in on time, in order to be considered. At least 50% of the students enrolled have to be on free/reduced lunch. This being noted, we want to serve as many children and the largest variety of children as possible. We will do our best to make sure that equal opportunity is given at each school site.


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Jana Hackworth - Director/ LEAPS Grant: LTVEC Extended Learning Program


Anne Talmont -  Site Coordinator Leaps and Bounds LCES


Karen Sadikoff - Site Coordinator BLAST SES



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