LEAPs Grant: Extended Learning Programs

LTVEC funds our extended learning programs through a LEAPs Grant managed by the TN Department of Education. Our before and after-school programs offer a plethora of learning and growing opportunities for East TN students. Our programs offer hands-on authentic learning experiences that foster age appropriate development in our students. We currently serve students in  grades 1st- 8th.  We offer hands on learning, community involvement, STEM activities, daily tutoring and physical fitness opportunities. We also offer several clubs including: drama, dance, chess, farm to table, hobby club, STEM, construction, and gardening. Our three main goals are to help students improve school attendance, behavior, and in their academics.

Visit us on the web at: ltvecextendedlearning.net


Jana Hackworth
Director/ LEAPS Grant: LTVEC Extended Learning Program

Anne Talmont
Site Coordinator Leaps and Bounds LCES

Debbie Faraone
Site Coordinator BLAST SES

Alanna Rosen
Site Coordinator LEAPS and Bounds LCIMS